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Silica Sands

The HCA Mountain Minerals silica operation has mined and processed high purity silica sand for a diverse number of industrial applications since the 1983. Our SILWITE® products have a purity ranging from 99.15% to 99.55% SiO2, well exceeding the requirements for silica sand raw material in flint grade glass, ceramic and foundry grades.  Our products have extremely low iron oxide content, and therefore will not interfere with the color of the ultimate end product.

The SILWITE® product line is used in several industrial applications such as: feedstock for flint grade glass manufacturing, foundry sand, additive in refractory cements and ceramics, as well as a functional filler/extender for high durability paints.

SILWITE® fine, white sands are used as bunker sand for golfing, to provide the pure white look that is very much in demand. We count among our customers many prestigious golf clubs in Western Canada, including one customer located in Hawaii.

Our Silica operation in Moberly is undergoing a redevelopment. We are currently redesigning our plant to accommodate our customers’ product demands and expect to have our new plant in operation in Q1 of 2017. We will be able to manufacture most of our Silwite® products as well as expanded capabilities.


Frac Sand Proppant

Silica Flour

Glass Sand

Golf Course Sand

Sandblast Sand

Other Grades

Frac Sand Proppant

Currently in the pre-construction development stage Heemskirk has confirmed through independent testing that its Moberly, British Columbia silica deposit can produce a high quality proppant to the Oil and Gas market. Once the development of the new plant is completed HCA will be able to produce 20/40, 30/50, 40/70, 50/70, 50/140 and 70/140 proppant.  Industry experts have confirmed that our Frac sand can complete against the US Frac sands in wells below 2500 meters.  Stim-Lab (Core Laboratories) reports available upon request.


Silica Flour (Silwite® Flour 325)

HCA Mountain Minerals as Moberly produces 85% passing 325 mesh Silica Flour currently being used in thermal cementing blends in the Oil and Gas Industry in Western Canada.

With a typical SiO2 content of greater than 98% our flour is one of the purest silica flour products in the marketplace.


Glass Sand (Silwite® S-40)

Using ore from a sandy deposit that is 99.5 % pure silica, HCA Mountain Minerals produces flint grade glass sand of exceptional quality. Careful processing satisfies rigid glass making specifications.

Particle Size - HCA Mountain Minerals has achieved a 100% screen cut product. The plant is geared to supply flint grade glass sand to particle sizes between 30 and 140 mesh with zero oversize and not more than 5% fines.

Iron Level - Iron in glass sand is also a critical factor.  Specifications allow for a maximum of 0.0355%. Because of the nature of HCA Mountain Minerals' silica deposit and the Company's proprietary processing, this typically is as low as 0.007%.

Fines - In order to keep furnace losses at a minimum and dust levels low, only up to 5% of -140 mesh can be contained in the sand. This specification is easily and consistently met.


Golf Course Sand (Silwite® S-12)

HCA Mountain Minerals as Moberly produces a white grade of "golf course sand" which is excellent for bunkers.

Our S-12 sand has been tested by Thomas Turf Services of Texas as bunker sand.

Presented in golf course bunkers throughout Western Canada and Internationally.  Our white sand maybe just what you are looking for.  Test results are available upon request.


Sandblast Sand

Sandblast sand is also produced at this site.


Silwite® S-6, S10 & Other Grades

Other grades of quality silica are available. To discuss your specific needs please contact your distributor for more information on how we at HCA can fill your Silica needs.



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